inginerie sorste

Sorste acts as a consultant with integrated solutions in textile and clothing, developing a unique understanding. The rich and meaningful experience oF our team leads to rapid implementation of projects throughout the value chain.

Management and Operations:
– Operational support
– Development of strategies, business plan, internal competitive positioning
– Competitive analysis
– Audit and evaluation of levels of technology
– Analysis and support in the restructuring, recovery, activity restriction caused by internal or external factors
– Reshaping business and process
– Evaluation and proposal of investments in technical and economic feasibility
– Plans to increase performance on short, medium, long terms
– Assistance in the implementation of projects and programs movement in companies
– Support in the implementation of fusions, changes of product or changes of management organization
– Implementation of strategic processes regarding the human resource by evaluating performances
– Human Resources Strategy
– Development of human resources
– Management through objectives and competence management by applying transparent processes and tools so that their management objective measurements to be shure

All our team has extensive experience , training and not least the ability to achieve cultural change programs, change management and support in individual leadership development.