Open Days Foundation

The gold of Foundation consists in development of directly activities with humanitarian, philanthropist, religious, character, assistance of people with physically disadvantaged, older people and and any other vulnerable groups. The strategy of social assistance and special protection, the providing of social services, is a tool for organizing and evaluating development training of the Center for independent living Open Day.

fundatia zi deschisa sorste

Foundation “Zi Deschisă” – is a nongovernmental , independent, legal person established as a non-profit in 2009.
Creating a framework designed to meant the people with disabilities to enjoy all the rights, dignity, equal treatment, independent living, active and full participation in society, is the main long-term objective of the Center for inclusion of people with disabilities.
In the future we want to elaborate projects, courses and activities to shape and integrate young students in the field of workforce.
Do not forget, and you are a part of the target group!