proiecte sorste

During the period 2005-2010 Sorste has become an authorized provider of training for 17 occupations. The company’s secondary activity CAEN code 8559 – Other education nec, and organizes practical qualification classes in level 1 and 2, of improvement and training.

In accordance with the Law 279/2005, of 2011, considering the material base that is available and the human resources with experience in garments (engineers, technicians, skilled workers working in the company since 1994), holds regular apprenticeship training in the workplace for their staff qualification in the profession of industrial textile confectioner operator.

In order to evaluate and certify the trade of industrial textile confectioner operator, SC SORSTE S.A. was authorized as competent evaluation center in 2011 – The authorization no. 00061 of 22 March 2011 and 2013 – Authorization no. 00416 of 31 May 2013. Due to this, in 2013-2014, the assessment center SC SORSTE S.A. have been evaluated and certified industrial confectioner profession operator 50 people who signed apprenticeship at work both within the company and from other similar companies.

Project POSDRU/100/5.1/G/75872: Integrated measures for employment in South East
The overall objective of the project is to increase the employability of people looking for a job , the unemployed and inactive people in the South -East by providing access to counseling and training.

Proiect POSDRU/108/2.3/G/79587:I want to qualify
Key Area of ​​Intervention 2.3: Access and participation in training

Proiect POSDRU/110/5.2/G/89190: Developing the skills of human resources in rural areas of Vrancea
Area of ​​Intervention 5.2: Promoting long-term sustainability of rural areas.

Proiect POSDRU/125/5.1/S/128503: Integrated measures for increasing employment of the unemployed in the region SE , BI , NV Area of ​​Intervention 5.1: Developing and implementing active employment measures.

POS CCE / Apel nr. 2 / Axa prioritara III. “Information Technology and Communications for public and private sectors” / Area of Intervention 1: Increase efficiency by extending ERP System – (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the company SORSTE SA.